Should Humidifier Run All Night While You’re Sleeping?

Feeling parched especially during winter season where the heater is constantly on? The imminent dry skin, nose, throat and crack lips that haunts you every morning? You, my friend, are suffering from dry air and a humidifier will fix all that. Here comes the common concern that many people have asked throughout the year. Should I run a humidifier all night long? Is it safe to leave the device in operational while I'm enjoying my deep sleep? Find out the complete answer below.
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Is It Good To Sleep With a Humidifier?

There is not a single doubt that humidifier will help you sleep better. A person sleeping with it will wake up fresher, free from nose and throat congestion. Baby sleeping with a humidifier will be less cranky as they can sleep soundly throughout the night. Besides that, there are many other benefits of slumbering with a humidifier all night. Those perks can be enjoyed by every family member in the household, but little ones are the biggest beneficiaries. As such:


Improved Sleep Quality

Having a humidifier running at night will maintain the room humidity at an ideal level. Most people will not have a good night sleep if the humidity level is super low. They will feel constant irritation on their mouth, throat, and nose. The dry air also increases the mucus production in the nose thus making it hard to breathe with the narrower airway. What’s perhaps more annoying is dry air will attribute to snoring. A common disorder that will make you wake yo gasping for air or disturb your partner’s sleep. If you don’t want to go through choke sleep or sleep apnea, keep your respiratory tract moisten.


Stop Morning Sinus and Nose Bleed

If you wake up with sinus congestion every morning or nose bleed on a later day, you should sleep with a humidifier. Dry air makes it difficult for the mucus membranes to catch the germs from proceeding to the lungs and trigger an allergic reaction. The allergens will trigger cold including chronic sinusitis. A chronic condition that occupies the space around the nasal passages become swollen or inflamed. Nutritional deficiencies and atrophic rhinitis are some of the other common illnesses linked with a dry nose. So keep a humidifier running all night to reduce the chances of falling ill and nose bleed.


Decrease The Risk of Infections

A humidifier will reduce the risk of getting an infection from airborne germs. From cuts, mouth to upper respiratory tract infections, exposing to dry air will lead to all kinds of viral infections that we might not even be aware of. This is because a high dampness environment discourages bacteria and viruses from spreading. According to an influenza research, if the room humidity levels are above 40%, it will likely deactivate a virus particle. The virus will become dormant and less likely to be infectious.


Faster Recovery

Here’s a fact that most people don’t know. You will actually heal quicker from cuts and sicknesses with a humidifier. This is because the water vapor will moisturize our skin and body with more oxygen. The more oxygen intake there is, the faster a person will recover from sinus and other infections. Humid air also thins out thick layers of mucus filled with germs. The more mucus we manage to expel, the faster we can overcome our illnesses.


Say Goodbye to Morning Voice

Running a humidifier all night will eradicate your morning voice. Also known as sexy or deeper voice, it is a symptom for people that breathes through their mouth during sleep that resulted in vocal cords dried out. This usually happens because their nose is heavily congested with mucus due to dry air. Not to be confused with “reflux” that affects the voice in the morning due to inflamed larynx.


Less Static Electricity

Nobody likes to get surprise shock when they are minding their own business. With a humidifier active all night, one will experience fewer electric shocks throughout the day. This is especially true in the winter season where all the running heater drys up the air a lot quicker. Staying in a damp environment can actually reduce the static charge from building up.


Keep Your Skin Moisturized

Our internal organ needs a nightly recharge and so does our skin. Humidifier moisturizes our skin and detains the loss of water. A moistured skin will be able to absorb more nutrients and block out dust and dirt. Dry skin can lead to dullness, ashy, cracks, flaking, redness, itchiness, and eczema. It is also one of the main factors that accelerate skin aging. So keep your skin radiant and glowing every morning by running a humidifier while you sleep.


Reduce Electricity Bills

A humidifier will reduce the cost of electricity bill as you will be less dependant on heating appliances. HVAC and heaters are well-known electric hoggers especially during winter. Instead of relying on the heater to maintain the ideal room temperature, humid air can actually make you feel warmer than it should. With a warm mist humidifier running in the background, you can set the heater to lower setting thus less energy will be consumed.


Healthy Houseplants

Dry air not only affects us, it will also impact the longevity of our indoor plants. A healthy plant needs lots of water to perform photosynthesis and humidifier can provide that. When the air is less damp, the soil will dry out quicker leaving fewer nutrients to be absorbed. Without sufficient nutrients, houseplant like English Ivy, Boston Fern or Snake Plant will not be able to filter out airborne toxins like CO or CO2. Without it, dry air could impact plant growth and ultimately our health as well.


Protect Wood Furniture from Dry Rot

Dry rot AKA brown rot can damage household wood furniture including door, table, and cabinet. It creates cracks and rectangular crumbling points on wood surfaces when continuously exposed to dry air. Once the wood pieces start splitting and cracking, there is nothing you can do other than replacing the damaged parts. A humidifier will boost the durability of your household items from wood rot.

In Conclusion, Should You Run a Humidifier All Night?

Running a humidifier all night can be very beneficial as it moistens your skin, mouth, and throat. However, you will need to ensure the surrounding humidity level is below 30 percent. Otherwise, it would counter all the good things a humidifier brings to the table. Also, remember to go through all the safety precautions measures that we mentioned earlier. We do not want the device to end up spreading mold and bacteria or worse still, causing a fire.

When we ask people to run a humidifier all-night, most of them will the following questions: a) Is it safe to sleep with a humidifier every night? or b) Is it safe for a baby to sleep with a humidifier? The simple answer is YES a humidifier is 100% safe, but that is with the condition that it is well-maintained.

Depending on how often you clean it, a humidifier should be clean every three days or week. Just unplug the device, empty the water, clean the bucket and off you go. For those that rely on a humidifier every night, below are safety precaution measures you need to take into account.

  1. Never operate an empty humidifier without any water. It may burn the circuit and damage the device.
  2. Get a hygrometer to check on the room dampness level. If the relative humidity is beyond 55 percent, there is no need to run a humidifier as the excess moisture will encourage the growth of fungus.
  3. Avoid using tap water to fill up the bucket as it can lead to white dust, germs, and mineral build-up. Use demineralized, distilled or filtered water instead.
  4. If you have baby, children or pets at home, use a cool mist humidifier as it is safer and better for sleep. You will not have to worry about the humidifier tipping over and causing a burn.
  5. Never run a dirty humidifier with mold patches as it can actually make you sick. If there are mold spotted in the water bucket, remember to scrub it all out as the dampness will cultivate the breeding of microbes.
  6. Place the humidifier on higher ground and elevated surface. That way the mist will distribute further and is out of children’s reach.


Max Fernandez

A humidifier distributor with more than 11 years of experience in the field, Max Fernandez is no stranger to the moisture-capturing machine. You can catch him here reviewing humidifiers and preaching on the importance of perfect humidity.