11 Benefits Of a Humidifier (For Baby, Skin, Sleep)

There are many health benefits of using a humidifier simply by adding moisture in the air. From mitigating respiratory symptoms, hydrating your skin to improving air quality, you can have it all. The outcome is even better if you are experiencing winter season or have babies and children at home. Still, not everyone needs a humidifier and there are precaution steps you need to be aware of. So let's go through all the wonderful perks you can have with a humidifier and see does it justify the reason for getting one.
Short answer
Humidifier improves sleep, stop morning symptoms, reduce infection risk, and hydrate your skin.


1. Stop Morning Cough, Sinus and Nose Bleed

One of the key humidifier health benefits of a is to make many morning sicknesses disappear. Firstly, moist airway means cough can more productive therefore phlegm is less sticky to the throat. Secondly, the moisten mucus membranes means less mucus clogging and more germs catching. You will have better resistance against cold and influenza viruses. Thirdly, it helps soothes the tissues in the throat and nasal passages. No inflammation means there is less likelihood of allergy reactions or infections from happening. Morning nose bleed will also gradually go away.

2. Faster Recovery From Illnesses

A humidifier can help you get over the illnesses quicker than you would expect. With sufficient moisture retention in the air, there will be less mucus in your nose and ample oxygen for the body to take in. Oxygen will help improve blood circulation and a person will heal faster from cuts and other diseases. Symptoms like coughing, sneezing, and sore throat will all gone with the wind.

3. Prevents Static Shock

“Shocking” it may seem, a humidifier can actually reduce static shock by pumping moisture into the air. Where the air is dry. static electricity occurrence will increase significantly particularly during the winter season. Even though it is not dangerous in most scenarios, it can be annoying when you trying to get simple things done like opening a door or holding on to a handle. Worse still, your little one and pets are also affected by the static charge when they are busy exploring around the house. So keep the sparks down by retaining the surrounding moisture to an optimum level.

4. Better Sleep with Less Snoring

If you or your partner is a big snorer, you will glad to know that a humidifier can help change that. Dry air will increase mucus production and makes the nasal passage much narrower. Without good air circulation, you might suffer from sleep apnea where one would be constantly gasping for air or choke sleep. With a humidifier running all-night, your nose will be congestion-free and snoozing occurrence will drop significantly. You and your partner will enjoy quality deep sleep and the day will be much shinier and productive.

5. Blooming Houseplants

Having the right humidity not only benefits us but also our indoor plants as well. A humidifier can keep the room moisture level above the minimum threshold of 30%. The soil will not dry out quickly leaving all the nutrients still intact. With enough moisture, the plants will be able to perform full photosynthesis and continue to prosper. A healthy houseplant will help remove toxins in the air like dust, CO, or CO2. This leaves a much cleaner air for everyone in the household. A win-win situation for all.

6. Softer, and More Vibrant Skin

Our skin needs plenty of water to keep it hydrated and glowing. A humidifier can be the supplier of that. With a moisturized skin, the moisture will form a shield that protects the skin from external pollutants like dust, germs, and chemicals. Hydrated skin will absorb in more nutrients while preserving all the goodness from dissipating. If you are constantly in an ideal humidity environment, moisture can even slow down the skin aging process. Say goodbye to dull, dry skin and say hello to soft, radiant looks.

7. No More Coarse Morning Voice

If you are not into the deep morning voice every time you wake up, try sleeping with a humidifier all night. This “phenomenal” happens because our vocal cord is affected by the dry air when we breathe through our mouth. The reason we will do not use our nose to breathe is because of the sticky mucus congestion. With humidifier moistening the mucus and clearing any blockage, your nose will function normally and the vocal cord will not dry out.

8. Reduce The Risk of Infections

A humidifier will help prevent the spread of airborne germs and the risk of catching one. Bacteria and viruses will not travel well in a damp environment. This is because the particles are too heavy to float around thus will drop and remain in a single point. By keeping the humidity level above 30-40 percent, the viruses will become dormant and unlikely to be infectious.

9. Protect Wood Furnishings from Dry Rot

One of the key benefits of humidifiers is to shield wood furniture from dry rot. Also known as brown rot, the dryness of air will cause wood made items like door, cabinet or table to crack and crumble. Continuous exposure will further expand the wood pieces to the point that it is beyond usable. For example, the door will not be able to shut properly, surface will peel off or table legs will wobble due to uneven length. Keeping the humidity up moderately will ensure the durability of the wood items remains in impeccable conditions.

10. Cut Down On Electricity Bills

A humidifier can actually make the air feels much warmer than it suggested. When the air is well moist, most of the heat in the room will be retained and the heater would not be required to perform at full capacity. When heating appliances use less power, less energy is used thus you will save up a lot in electricity bills. In long-run, you will clearly see the differences with a warm-mist humidifier and during the winter season.

11. Comfy Home for Baby and Me

A humidifier can provide seasonal comfort that is very important if you have a baby at home. by adding the right amount of humidity into the air, the indoor air will be much more breathable and livable. Your little one will benefit the most with their smaller organs and narrower airway. They will breathe more smoothly and enjoy better sleep that is vital for their development growth. A less cranky baby also means more relax and happy parents. A humidifier works best during the winter season when the air can be dry due to the heaters running in the background.

Humidifiers Drawbacks

Humidifiers can benefit people with asthma, eczema, or respiratory diseases. However, it does have it owns limitation and in no way it should be treated as a substitute for medical treatment. Improper use will lead to a reverse outcome that can be very harmful to babies and children. If you are experiencing worsened symptoms when using a humidifier, turn it off and perform the precautions steps below.

Getting The Best Out Of a Humidifier

Every cleaning devices need scheduled maintenance. To ensure the humidifier does not turn into a death trap, follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Below are some useful tips that will work as well:

  • First thing first, measure the room humidity level with a hygrometer/ moisture meter. The ideal humidity level is between 30 to 50 percent. Do not use a humidifier if is anything above that.
  • Change the water in the humidifier regularly between the span of every few days. If there is an internal filter, the filter must be clean or change regularly.
  • Use only distilled or demineralized water that contains fewer minerals. Avoid using tap water.
  • For folks that do not have children or pets at home, go with a warm-mist humidifier. The heating elements mean it has less mineral build-up thus fewer mold and bacteria growth.
  • For folks that have babies or indoor pets, go with a cool-mist humidifier to reduce the risk of getting burnt.
  • Periodically check for mold and mildew patches in the water tank. Clean the water tank every 3 to 7 days for a cool-mist humidifier. Warm-mist humidifier will require less cleaning frequency.

Before we go deeper into all the humidifier benefits, you should understand the basic functionality of the devices. In the market, there are four main types to consider: vaporizers, ultrasonic, evaporators, and impeller. Vaporizers humidifiers use an electric heating system to create steam. Ultrasonic humidifiers use vibration to distribute water vapor in the air. Evaporator humidifiers rely on an internal fan and a wick filter to disperse moisture. Lastly, impeller humidifiers use rotating disks to distribute mist. When picking the right model, you will need to consider to go with either a cold-mist or warm-mist humidifiers. Then consider the size, capacity, and placement as it would play a role in the overall usability.


Max Fernandez

A humidifier distributor with more than 11 years of experience in the field, Max Fernandez is no stranger to the moisture-capturing machine. You can catch him here reviewing humidifiers and preaching on the importance of perfect humidity.